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The Family Laundry

Older son in town for younger brother's wedding does laundry. Gorilla suit. To be continued ...


Oh, Lord, please tell me he didn't show up to the wedding in that!!

Colleen, my kids took one's son to camp at rural Retreat today and ran into a girl who had attended camp with my girls back in the 70's/80's. Turns out, she lives in Floyd now. Her first name is Melody (and I forgot her last name). Maybe you know of her? I'll try to find out her current last name.


that works for me. What'll the happy couple wear? ;-) could be quite the photo op.

Kenju, I bet it was Melody Cochran. She has a young son who is ARE Camp age and was written about in this post. http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2006/04/friends_in_high_places.htm l

Josh didn't wear his gorilla suit to the wedding, but it has come into play recently. More photos to follow...

I must have one.

oh bloomin 'eck... where's this leading?? ;)

I am looking forward to see the pics!!! :¬)

Love it! At first glance it looks as though a gorilla is carrying the hamper.

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