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13 Hot Flashes of Summer

13hot.jpg 1. I can boil eggs every morning to exact perfection without using a timer or looking at a clock, and can fill the teakettle with the precise amount of water for one cup of tea, but if someone else is around, my perfect timing goes to hell.

2. “If we all got more erotic, we wouldn’t be so neurotic” was a bumper sticker slogan that my husband and I once came up with.

3. I didn’t get morning sickness when I was pregnant with my sons, but I did feel queasy sometimes. I haven’t had any mid-life hot flashes yet, but I have had a few warm flushes.

4. At this point in my life, sometimes an “afternoon delight” means a nap.

5. But not always. This is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever said on this blog: “Anyone can do me. I can do myself. The question is can you undo me?” Found HERE.

6. I was clipping the rose bushes when I saw my husband riding the mower with an open face sandwich spread out in one hand. That was funny enough, but what he did next was even funnier. He parked the mower near the garden, picked some fresh lettuce, and put it on his sandwich before heading off to mow.

7. I recently failed the comment word verification 3 times. I wonder how many times you can get it wrong before they assume you’re a robot spammer and bump you off.

8. Having a blog is getting more and more like having a pet. With the amount of spam I’m getting lately, if I’m gone for several hours, when I come home I might have 100 spam comments to junk, which makes me wonder who will I get to watch the blog when I go on vacation?

9. Is “pest” an alternative plural of “pets” when you have too many of them?

10. I’ve been known to OOH and AHH and get giddy while watching fireworks, which on one occasion caused my son to say, “Mom, you’re just like Gidget.”

11. I like to adlib names for fireworks as they go off. A few of my past favorites have been: Pistachio Afro; Snap, Crackle, and Pop; Tinkerbelle’s Migraine; Mary Poppin's parasol; The Big Bang Theory; Bling Bling; Red Zinnia in a blender; and The Electric Kool-aid Acid Blot Test.

12. In the spirit of the 4th of July, my sister Kathy posted a video of Bruce Springsteen singing Pete Seeger’s 1965 Bring ‘Em Home… They (the politicians) want to test their grand theories with the blood of you and me… we’ll give no more brave young lives for the gleam in someone’s eyes… if you love this land of the free…bring ‘em home. Hear the rest HERE.

13. Too hot for you? If an image that exudes cool refreshment can actually cool you down, THIS would be the one to do it.

Post Notes: Thursday headquarters is here. My other 13's are here. The answers to yesterday’s flower line-up are as follows: Lily, garlic pod (allium), rhododendron bud, balloon flower, and bee balm. Kenju knew them all.


I always feel so dumb when I fail comment moderation. Whew, I'm not the only one.

I had to dumb my hotmail account because it kept giving me tests that I could not pass. lol.

Thanks for the Brrruuuuuccccccccceeeeeee link!

That is one of my favorite 13s of yours. too funny. And your bumper sticker...you should promote that, it speaks the truth!

#5 lol.

I meant to say that I bet one of the reasons you didn't have many hot flashes is your good healthy diet. They say it makes a big difference.

I love the bumper sticker and your person quote. As always I love stopping in. Be blessed today my friend.

I failed the comment moderation on Whiskey's Talking site at least 8 times before I read the directions.
You know your having a hot flash when your on fire all the way down to your toes, and up until then you always had to wear socks to bed to cure your cold feet. Now you can't even stand a sheet touching you.
I threw up with all 5 kids during pregnancy, and on the day they were all born. So I really was hoping for an easy menopause. didn't happen.
Did you know your brain "pauses" also during menopause. All the time. Forget where you are, why your there.
Only nice thing I've found about it , is your period stops. That I don't miss a bit!

Here's a bumpersticker for you:

"Republicans for Voldemort"

That cracks me up. So does #2.

I hate those verification things...Those letters all scrunched together like that...AARRGGHH!!

I have so much to catch up on your blog....

I can never get that word verification thing right. I cant tell the 1 from the l or the I and the 0 from the O.

Happy Thursday!

Those comment verifications things always confuse me... I stare at them trying to figure out whether the letters are caps or not. I saw a cute idea where you had to pick the kitten out of a couple of pictures but it would take up a lot of bandwidth or something from all the images. Better than typing stuff in though!!

I like the Erotic Neurotic bumper sticker - you should make them on cafepress!!

"Voldemort" is the evil wizard from Harry Potter. He Who Shall Not Be Named is trying to be all powerful and take over the Magical world of Harry Potter, at the destruction of others. (sound familiar?)

If you read HP you would get it...

#6 is *priceless*! made me miss my grandparents' garden from my childhood...

Really great 13...especially liked #6....how neat to be able to do that.

I often ooohhh and ahhhh and fireworks myself. Lucky for me, my husband does too. The lettuce thing while mowing is just plain funny. I think its great, though.

Mine are up. Happy Thursday!

doesn't EVERYONE ooh and aww over fireworks? ;)

Wonderful, thanks for sharing!

Judy has an unfair advantage, being a florist. She IS the expert I would go to for identification of cultivated flowers, for sure.

The correct designation is not "hot flashes" it is POWER SURGES. :)

You fireworks names are great. Perhaps we will try this exercise. I'd love to see what my son comes up with for names.

#10 made me laugh. That reminds that I meant to post about what my kids were saying during the fireworks. I'll have to do that tonight.

Great TT! I laughed about your husband and the lettuce..that's too funny. I played too. Stacie

You crack me up! I love it!

It seems that I am starting early into the hot flashes, etc. I'm cool with that, when I'm not hot. I thought it would bother me, but I'm OK...

My T13 is up!

Great list, Colleen. Though all I can think of now is "She's Come Undone"....LOL

That bumper sticker is so funny!
My TT is up.

I love the imagery in #6; #7 happens to me all the time too! Damn letters and numbers that blend in so well with the background *goes off mumbling*

I've seen that "Republicans for Voldemort" bumper sticker, too...usually in Cambridge LOL, in fact, I think I have a picture of it on flickr!

Your nr 7 is a good question... I am lost without a timer. For nearly everything, even brushing my teeth (2 min) Happy TT, I am using my son's pc as mine has some difficulties my son has to fix tomorrow...

by the way, I LOVE that Sun and Star saucer in your picture!

Ah, it figures. Kenju is a florist, after all.

I love the image of Joe, the mower, and the lettuce bed. Feels like a short story just waiting to be told. Or a poem, at least. ;-)

Girlfriend you crack me up. I always come away giggling after a visit. Congrats on the upcoming wedding.

LOL at your husband picking the lettuce for his sandwich! That sounds like the beginning of some kind of goofy commercial for auto insurance or a grocery store or...something totally random. And I like the bumper sticker slogan you came up with too. I feel pretty convinced that it's true...

Great post, as always. I especially love the image of Joe stopping his lawn mower to pick some lettuce for his sandwich!

I just love reading your TT's Colleen..they are always filled with wonderful tidbits and special things....I've said it before but it bears repeating...Each one could be a whole post unto itself!

fabulou! i love the open sandwich one. what bliss! and beautiful flowers below :)

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