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Moondala Ooh-la-la

womenof7thveil.jpg I have written scores of poems about the moon. One of the first little chapbooks I put together for myself was titled “MOONDALA OOH-LA-LA.” During that time I was participating in an improv-movement class and was one of three women in a local poetry troupe called “Women of the 7th Veil.” In our hey-day, we presented a poetry performance for a Mountain Rose Dance Recital (a local dance studio that is no longer in existence). Dressed all in black except for the white scarf around my neck, I read moon poetry while my troupe partners (one of whom wore my multi-tiered wedding dress, suggestive of the full moon) did improv movement to it. Here’s one of the little moon ditties from that period, which was also published in the Wemoon Journal of 1993.


full moon temptation
at the traffic lights
the red light says,
but the moonlight says,
awakening my natural signals

Women of the 7th Veil, (I'm in the middle in this case) performing in the building that housed The Tea House Jam and Altared Space Gallery, which would later became Oddfellas Cantina.


Hi there! Michele sent me.

Cheers from Michele! Hope you have a great weekend.

Love the idea of hearing and listening to our natural signals. Love moonlight.

Loved your poem.

Hope you aren't too cold this weekend!!!

Feb 13th is the full moon.

I love the moon and all it's mysteries.

I know. I've been having trouble sleeping as it's been getting full. But today woke up to SNOW and so the clouds have covered up all signs of it.

oh, yeah, mr kenju's natural signals get aroused during the full moon too!

The full moon after a winter's snow, slmost as bright as daylight and absolutely gorgeous.

Women of the 7th Veil? That sounds familiar, but you will have to fill me in because I am visualizing of an old time British movie.

I still read your Blog all the time and today i'm not just lurking. oh yeah. you were a Blogger I wrote out an interview for. I'm going to see if you have an email address posted and i'll send my Qs there...

Tabor, The first time I heard a reference to "the 7th veil was in the Tom Robbins book "Jitterbug Perfume." (I think it was that book). I believe it's a mystical reference to the last veil between worlds and that some belly dancers do a 7th veil dance. I did a little googling and found that it WAS the name of an old movie too...with James Mason. The link I found said this: The 7th Veil" refers to a phrase mentioned by a psychiatrist (Herbert Lom) in reference to the various depths of a psychiatrically ill pianist's mind.

There were lots of shops and such name 7th veil, but I couldn't find any original reference to it.

Jake, Looking forward to your questions.

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