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I Wish Cotton Was a Monkey

Last week when my son was en-route to come home for a wedding, he left a message on my answering machine in response to my request, “Leave your 3 wishes after the magical beep.”

As one of his 3 wishes, he stated, “I wish cotton was a monkey.”

Intrigued by the wish, I didn’t erase it, and finally I remembered to ask him (via an e-mail) to explain. Here’s what he answered:

"It’s a line from the old 'Little Rascals' TV show, from the episode where Buckwheat gets a magic lamp. He rubs it and makes two wishes. He says, 'I wish I had a watermelon…I wish I had a watermelon…' and then, 'I wish Cotton (another Little Rascal character) was a monkey…I wish Cotton was a monkey.' Then, a monkey that escaped from the zoo comes on the scene and everyone thinks it is Cotton.”

Old school funny, is what my son calls it. As he explained his unusual wish (which was really Buckwheat’s), I remembered watching the episode as a little girl, and even then it was “an old show.” I guess my son had seen the re-runs of the re-runs of The Little Rascals.

I’ve gotten some other new wishes, via my answering machine genie…a new car, peace on earth, and etc. My own current wish is this: I wish my kitchen would clean itself.

There’s still time to leave your own 3 wishes…

Post Note: My essay about my dad as a WWII Vet, "Let Me Clue You In," aired today on Public Radio. It is read by me and can be listened to by going to www.wvtf.org/news.htm


I listened to your essay. 9 kids, that's big family even by babyboom standards! Your father sounds like quite an intense individual. Who was that reading the essay?

That was me reading. I guess I should add that to my post note. The radio staff cut a couple of minutes of the essay. When I get my computer back from the shop, I'll post the essay that I submitted before their cuts (There is yet another even longer version). I actually have the photo of my dad holding the little German girl that I want to post with it...don't know how to from my husband's work laptop that I am borrowing now. My mom wants me to write one about her now.

Oh you must post the photo once you get your computer up and running again.

I thought it was you reading the essay, but I wasn't sure. I caught your Boston. It's subtle, but there, epecially when speaking for your father. I thought it may have just been a very good reader adding those nuances.

I'm caught between 5 and 9. Different sites make me lean in different ways on that one.

wow that was a great essay...

...more more more ;)

here from michele's


My three wishes:

1. That I could speak (fluently) the language of every person I ever meet - what a "magical" thing - to speak all the languages (and dialects) in the world - what confidence and connection that would bring.

2. That I could live to be ancient but with the wherewithall and body of a 40-60 year old. Curiosity is what gives the cat nine lives, and I want more - I want to see WHAT HAPPENS. How is this all going to turn out???

3. I wish I could make the "A List" at Blogebrity, be quoted on Blather Blather Talk Talk TV and make $50 a day (or MORE!) writing my blog. Please visit.

Cheers all 'round, Lawrence

thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!

three wishes? peace of mind, healthy family, and swim with the dolphins...

drop by soon!

In reference to the other commenter's 3 wishes. What I'd really like is a Babel Fish.

Thanks. Your questions helped clarify. I'm a 9. One of my biggest problems is I'm somewhat immobilized because I really don't know what I want. I know what I don't want and rebel the instant somebody tries to push me, but as long as I feel like I'm doing it on my own terms then I'm quite willing to adjust. This urge to better clarify myself leads me to intense internal research, but often without conclusion. As to wings, I'd definitely be more of a wing 1 then a wing 8. Do I necessarily have to have a wing?

Three wishes:

Perfect health for all
To be a billionaire
Long life for all

hi, here from michele's. your son sounds incredibly hilarious!!!

i wish...
1. to live as long as my children need me. (and then some)
2. i could get paid to be a stay at home mom.
3. all the nutrients i need to live a long healthy life was found in chocolate alone.

I burst out laughing when I heard your son's wish....being a major Little Rascals fan, I knew what it meant immediately. (along with the followup wish, "I wish I had a watermelon...")

Unfortunately that was also one of the most blatantly racist of the episodes, and has since been bought by Bill Cosby so it won't air again.

A well-known phrase to me, and one that my coworker/boss/best friend would utter every time the hospital administration did something else that made our lives miserable. We often wished Cotton was a monkey, or our VP of Clinical Services was a reasonable person. Or our VP of Clinical Services wasn't a monkey.

One correction: the first wish was for a "wallamellon".

My neice Blair adopted a large white Tom cat right before Thanksgiving. She named him Cotton. All day long on Thanksgiving my brother kept rubbing the cats head saying "I wish Cotton was a monkey." With the help of a die hard fan, I have tracked down the episode A lad an a lamp and Blair is getting it for Christmas.

I work with school age children and that has been my line today. I rub their head and say I wish (child's name) was a monkey and laugh. They don't get it but I have laughed all day.

Just a quick note... it was Stymie who wished for the watermelon (Buckwheat didn't come along for about another year and was actually portrayed as a little girl when he first showed up) and a VERY young Spanky was the one wishing that Cotton (Stymie's little brother) was a monkey. Stymie told him to stop because, "I'd have to sleep with him!"

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